Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Church Staff and Leaders

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Church Secretary – Shandrena Cheney

Minister of Music – Foster Carson

Chancel Choir Musician- Gloria King

Custodian – Marcus Johnson


Church Leaders

Lay Leader –  Julia Morrison-Morgan

Chair of Church Council, Church Attorney –  Graylin Ward

SPRC, Chairperson  – Carolyn Taylor

President, UMM – Wendell Morgan

President, UMW  – Martha Guy

President, Trustees – Jean Joseph

Finance Chairperson –  Lisa Smith

Stewardship Chairperson  –  Rebecca Gibson

Treasurer –  Rebecca Gibson

Assistant Treasurer –  Greg Render

Childrens’ Ministry – TBD

Youth Ministry – Tammy Render

Mature Adults – Cathy Stephens

Founders’ Day Chairperson – Rebecca Gibson

Hospitality –  TBD

Solidarity Day Chairpersons – George and Mildred Addy

Benevolence  –  Sylvia Lewis

Ushers  –   Bernice Newell

Worship  –  Shirlie Keith

Gospel Choir President: Dominique Reese

Male Chorus President: Willie Hussie

Chancel Choir President – Sarah Towns

Lay Servants


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